Hello World! I'd like to describe myself as a hobbyist enthusiastic, easy to divert, prototyping game dev. I enjoy testing routines and mechanics as well as software architecture / clean code in as many as possible ecosystems working with C#.


Unity is the ideal platform to get to speed quickly - however, not always easy to integrate into software design patterns like Dependency Injection etc.


Coming from Delphi, C# offers a wide support and constant evolvement to learn something each day. I'm a big fan of Open Source projects, but C# definitely comes along with my favourite IDE Visual Studio.


Also having to supply graphical assets I started working with inkscape to improve my vector graphics skills.

Software Architecture

Independent of language and ecosystem, I try to maintain a clean architecture to have clean and structured (and easy to maintain and exchange) code. Not always easy as some platforms don't support Dependency Injection out of the box (which is the foundation).