racing prototype

7 Feb 2015

Hi again!

Of course I am working on more than three projects at the same time, but I always forget to post progress:

This is a prototype for testing steering behaviours. At the moment, it's just plain boring path following, but this should change soon I hope :-)

Best regards!

welcome to 2015!

9 Jan 2015

Hi evereybody!

Long time no see I suppose :-)

Attached you will find two concepts I'm working on at the moment - still playing around with Synfig Studio for animating!

So have a good start and see you around!


many new news

3 Sep 2013

Hi there!

I almost came to believe I wouldn't post anything here again - but I was wrong! After half a year, a move and a technological reset I'm back again :-)

So what happened exactly?

paper tree

10 Mar 2013

Hi again!

Today, I saw a nice tutorial about making a paper-like tree render, here you see the result in blender (file is attached):

So have a nice sunday!

Good fight good night!

chinese devil

29 Jan 2013

hi again!

well, somehow i've been productive in some kind of way :-)


it's not really the chinese sign for 'devil' - just a pictogram reminding of chinese signs and very distinctive :-)

but now it's time to say 'good night' - finally ;-)